How to layer up this Winter with Olly M

Getting dressed during the colder months is tricky, which is why a quick clothing check can make all the difference between a fun outdoor adventure and a cold, uncomfortable nightmare. 
Staying warm in the Winter months doesn’t mean you have to be restricted to your trackies. Our Palm Springs dress is a MUST HAVE winter staple, while being both stylish and comfortable this colourful, infectious flow dress can be easily dressed up or down, making for a no stress, yet fashionable option.  
With the current pandemic presenting a social shift in our lives, it’s important we make the most of this quiet time and now (yes now!) is a perfect opportunity to clean out your wardrobe and freshen it up with some beautiful staple pieces. Once life returns to normal and our social lives recommence, this wardrobe staple a.k.a The Olly M - Palm Springs Dress, will be the perfect companion to accompany your sociable weekends shenanigans. 
Style tip: Keep a cardigan handy to pop on in those chilly nights, and take off during the warmer days. 

I personally like the relaxed, casual ease that this dress gives you. Since I started writing this blog, I’ve realised there’s somewhat of a science approach that goes into the clothing we wear. Certain materials are designed for specific purposes, such as staying warm or cool. In this blog, I’ll be sharing my tips when it comes to finding the perfect winter staples, what to pair them with, how to go from casual to chic and how to dress to enhance the body’s natural beauty. 

Plus size!?

We’ve got you babe! At Olly M we cater for each unique, goddess body shape, from XS to XXXL. 

 Weekend Vibes 

Did someone say brunch!? weekend markets? or perhaps a cheeky date night? 

We’ve got the perfect outfit for all three! Our “Weekend Vibes” outfit is my idea of the perfect weekend outing, hair down or pulled back in a low ponytail, accompanied with a bold lipstick and your FAV accessories. 

The rattan bag paired with this dress is perfect for giving the outfit official “weekend vibes” status.  Finally, to tie this outfit all together the statement earrings work just perfect with this dress. These earrings were designed to match this dress and don’t they do a perfect job!? Bringing out the deep red from the wings of the parrots.  

Again, this is how you can create a “weekend vibes” look without adding layers. 


Evening Glam 

Our ‘Evening Glam’ outfit, is perfect for an after-work function, casual wedding, evening event or a fabulous cocktail party, it’s the got-to glam staple. This might even be your post quarantine party outfit!? It certainly will be a front runner of mine! 


For those of you aspiring for a more professional vibe, add a black blazer for a sophisticated look or a white to freshen it up. Now let’s talk shoes, because let’s face it, heels are a girl's best friend. A pair of pointed pumps, will compliment this dress seamlessly, and if the forecast is set to be chilly add a black stocking for a classy evening glam look. Lastly, grab an evening black clutch. This simple black zip purse is subtle and classy to complete the outfit.   


Casual on Vacay 

Finally, our last outfit paired with this dress for winter is our ‘Casual on Vacay’ outfit. 

This dress is and easy to pack into an overnight bag, due to the nature of the fabric. Cotton is one of my favour fabrics as it’s lightweight and breath-easy. Cotton is a natural product as discussed by 'Cotton Australia' and because of the way it is designed and manufactured into clothing, it comes with many advantages to those wearing it. Like, the ability to control its moisture, insulate, and majorly provide endless comfort. Cotton is also a durable fabric, perfect for every season. 

If indeed you are feeling a bit chilly, pair it with an effortless denim jacket like the one pictured above. With your hair up in a high ponytail, match with a red scrunchie to again pull out those deep red wings from the parrots in the dress. LOVE!!

I’m sure we’d all agree that boots are a MUST in each and every wardrobe during the Winter period. These short boots are an effortless pair to throw on and leave each outfit feeling cosy and complete. These boots in-particular are low cut with no heel, but you can also pair with some black ankle heels (be my guest!)

This outfit, also goes well with a rattan bag for those looking to channel the vacay vibe. With the boots, the denim jacket, the red scrunchie, and of course the exclusively made earrings made by ‘T made me’ for our Palm Springs collective is a must for all outfits. 

I hope you have enjoyed these outfits with our Palm Springs Collection with Olly M Fashion.  

Comment your favourite style. 

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