Our clothes are all designed by me, Olivia. Each style and design is exclusively limited. I want to create wearable art, bright slow fashion which reflects quality, comfort and style. My styles are inspired by my travels, my family and my life. 

I have always loved Fashion, especially from a young age. Sustainable Fashion has been a part of me, from shopping at op shops and second-hand markets most of my life. This is why I wanted to start my own ethical journey. I started by searching for an ethical manufacturer and artisans to collaborate with. After extensive amounts of research, I planned a trip to Indonesia with my partner, mum and nana - three people that have influenced me into starting this business. 
During our visit we had a list of people I wanted to visit and see if I could potentially work with them. I visited artisan collectives and ethical manufacturers. I learned all about cultures, ancient traditions and their way of living. I made connections that we can use to expend, grow and develop in my business. 
Ethical Manufacturing is about the process that focuses on good health for all involved. As an ethical business we care about every part of our business. From production to customer. We visited out manufacturer to ensure all parts of our clothing production is safe, efficient, and ensure that it focuses on the health of their workers. All compensation, and thorough protection against injury. 
We seek to improve the lives of garment markers and artisan communities in developing countries. 






In the end we went with a manufacturer which was run by a woman entrepreneur in Indonesia, Ari. It was such a pleasure to meet the owner of our manufacturer. 


We always love hearing your feedback and answering any questions or enquiries. Please message us with your question or order number (if applicable) and we will be more than happy to help. Our email is ollymfashion@gmail.com
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